Terralíngua Secure Server (SSL)

Terralíngua takes the security of user information seriously. With the deployment of a secure server for all areas of the website, you can be sure that all information sent or received is always encrypted.


All information exchanged with the server is encrypted with a 2048 byte key.

Our server also has various additional security configurations, with an ‘A’ rating on Qualys SSL Labs security testing.

How do I know I'm on a secure site?

Whenever you access the Terralíngua website, you will be automatically forwarded to the secure server, whether in a restricted area (with access via username and password) or not.

Accordingly, users sending data via the website who do not yet have access to the restricted area can be sure that their information will be encrypted and protected. Examples of such use include quote requests from new customers, customer registration, requests for login information to access the portal, and vendor registration.

You can also check if your browser displays secure site information. The images below illustrate this in the most common browsers:

Chrome: click the green lock icon to the left of the URL.

Firefox: click the lock icon to the left of the URL.

Internet Explorer: click the lock icon to the right of the URL.

Information related to the server:

SSL Server Certificate

Common Name: terralingua.net

Issuing Certification Authority: Let's Encrypt Authority X3

Organization: Terralíngua

Valid: September 30, 2022 to December 29, 2022

Key Size: 2048 bits

Subject Alternative Names (SANs)







Certificate Expiration

This certificate will expire in 85 days.

Certificate Common Name (CN) and Hostname Match?

The hostname matches the certificate and the certificate is valid.

DNS, etc.

www.terralingua.net resolves to

Server type: Microsoft-IIS/10.0

Certificate Chain Complete?

All of the correct Intermediate CA Certificates are installed. The SSL certificate is installed correctly and should be supported in all the major web browsers without problems.

Common Name: terralingua.net

Organization: Terralíngua

Valid: September 30, 2022 to December 29, 2022

Issuer: Let's Encrypt Authority X3

Common Name: Let's Encrypt Authority X3

Organization: Let's Encrypt

Valid: March 17, 2016 to March 17, 2021

Issuer: DST Root CA X3

Common Name: DST Root CA X3

Organization: Digital Signature Trust Co.

Valid: September 30, 2000 to September 30, 2021

Issuer: DST Root CA X3

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